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You Can Help Stop These Bad Internet Bills

Red alert! For the last six months, EFF, our supporters, and dozens of other groups have been sounding the alarm about several #BadInternetBills that have been put forward in Congress. We’ve made it clear that these bills are terrible ideas, but Congress is now considering packaging them together—possibly into must-pass...

EFF Supports the PRESS Act to Protect Journalists

The Protect Reporters from Exploitive State Spying (PRESS) Act is the long overdue federal shield law that would, at last, provide strong protections to journalists against government surveillance and forced disclosure of their confidential sources. EFF strongly supports this bill, and hopes to see it become law. Several Senators and...

China Spying

Victory! Ninth Circuit Allows Human Rights Case to Move Forward Against Cisco Systems

People around the world have been searching for ways to hold accountable companies that build tools for government repression. From massive surveillance systems to state-sponsored malware, governments around the world are increasingly using technology to locate, track, and engage in human rights abuses against disfavored communities, journalists, and activists.

Celebrating 33 Years of EFF

Today marks another milestone in the movement for digital privacy and free expression. We're grateful to every person who has stood with EFF’s technologists, lawyers, researchers, and advocates since the 90s. Together we can cultivate tech’s future for the users.
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Generative AI Policy Must Be Precise, Careful, and Practical: How to Cut Through the Hype and Spot Potential Risks in New Legislation

Anxiety about generative AI is growing almost as fast as the use of the technology itself. Some of these concerns are reasonable, and some are fueled primarily by dramatic rhetoric from prominent figures in tech, entertainment, and national security. Something, they suggest, must be done to stave off any number...


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