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LinuxFest NorthWest 2019: EFF and Friends Open Forum

EFF and Friends Open Forum This is a recurring panel in which Electronic Frontier Foundation staff (this year, Jacob, Seth, and Sydney) will discuss some of what EFF has been up to the past year and respond to wide-ranging questions from the audience. We also expect to be joined this...

LinuxFest Northwest 2019: We can fix email server encryption!

We can fix email server encryption! Sydney is a Staff Technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She primarily works on EFF's initiative to secure all TCP packets, like finally securing email delivery via STARTTLS Everywhere. In the past she has also developed on the Let's Encrypt Certbot client, which secures...

EFF in Mexico: Seminar on Disinformation and Elections

EFF's Latin American Senior Policy Analyst, Veridiana Alimonti, will join the panel "The impact of the Internet and social networks on political culture and political-electoral behavior." The discussion is part of the seminar, "Politics and elections in times of disinformation: risks and challenges for democracy" that will be held at...

EFF Argues at Indiana Supreme Court

At 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 18, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will argue to the Indiana Supreme Court that the police cannot force a criminal suspect to turn over a passcode or otherwise be forced to unlock a cell phone. The case is Katelin Seo v. State of Indiana....


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