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If Not Amended, States Must Reject the Flawed Draft UN Cybercrime Convention Criminalizing Security Research and Certain Journalism Activities

The latest and nearly final version of the proposed UN Cybercrime Convention—dated May 23, 2024 but released today June 14—leaves security researchers’ and investigative journalists’ rights perilously unprotected, despite EFF’s repeated warnings.The world benefits from people who help us understand how technology works and how it can go...

Marshmallows roasting over the flames of a laptop in a forest with text: EFF Presents The Encryptids

Hand me the flashlight. I’ll be right back...

It’s time for the second installment of campfire tales from The Encryptids. Do you ever feel like tech companies still own the devices you’ve paid for? Monsieur Jackalope tells us why interoperability plays a key role in giving you freedom in tech.
Encryptids laptop with flames cooking marshmallows

Shhh. Did you hear that?

EFF’s summer membership drive for internet freedom has begun! Gather round the virtual campfire because I’ve got special treats and a story from the legendary Bigfoot de la Sasquatch.

EFF Covers Secrets in Your Data on NOVA

It’s the weekend. You decide you want to do something fun with your family—maybe go to a local festival or park. So, you start searching on your favorite social media app to see what other people are doing. Soon after, you get ads on other platforms about the activities you...


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