More than 120 cosplayers posed for privacy and free speech at EFF and Access Now's Project Secret Identity station at Dragon Con. Over the Labor Day weekend, we were visited by Scarecrow and "Weird Al," Marvel Zombies and self-designed Steampunk characters, and heroes and villains from anime and video games—all with a common interest in defending Internet freedom. has the full collection. Here are some of the cosplayers that we'll never forget: 

Marvel Zombies

The 11th Doctor

Scarlet Witch


Anger and Disgust from Inside Out (Two perfectly normal emotional responses to mass surveillance)

Sugar Plum Fairy from Cabin in the Woods


Boba Fett on Vacation

Team Fortress 


Scary Terry

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Wolf, Turtle, and Gryphon Shamans

Linda Belcher



Yinz and Sally the Rag Dog

Cheetara and Bane


Star Trek engineer with Geordi La Forge



Lana Kane from Archer

Forecast Janna and Sakura Kasugano 

Mal Reynolds from Firefly

Hawkeye, Spider Gwen, and Black Widow

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Now for the Steampunk contingent: 

Mala Mul'tave'rii

Ysabet and Scareltt

Charley Hankins

Lady Phoenix and Queen Victoria 

Dr. Drakken