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12/28/2014 NSA Experiment For Massive SSL-TLS Decryption
12/28/2014 MALIBU Architecture Overview to Exploit VPN Communication
12/28/2014 Canadian Document From CES on TLS Trends
12/28/2014 Classification Guide For Cryptanalysis
12/28/2014 NSA Cryptographic Modernization (CryptoMod) Classification Guide
12/28/2014 Decryption of VPN Connections Within the VALIANTSURF Program
12/28/2014 NSA - GCHQ Crypt Discovery Joint Collaboration Activity
12/28/2014 What Your Mother Never Told You About the Development of Signal Intelligence
12/28/2014 Description of Existing Projects on VPN Decryption
12/28/2014 Which Encryption Protocols and Techniques Can Be Attacked
12/28/2014 TOR Overview of Existing Techniques
12/28/2014 TOR Deanonymisation Research
12/28/2014 SCARLETFEVER Program to Attack Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - (TLS)
12/28/2014 Explanation of the Transform Engine Emulator When Attacking VPN
12/28/2014 SCARLETFEVER How Attacks on Encrypted Connections are Orchestrated
12/28/2014 Explanation of the POISENNUT Product and Its Role When Attacking VPN
12/28/2014 Explanation of the TURMOIL GALLANTWAVE Program and Its Role When Attacking VPN
12/28/2014 Processing of Data From Exploited VPN In the TURMOIL Program
12/28/2014 Explanation of the GALLANTWAVE That Decrypts VPN Traffic Within LONGHAUL
12/28/2014 Explanation on the SPIN9 Program on End-to-end Attacks on VPN
12/28/2014 Procedural GCHQ Document on How Analysts are to Handle Encrypted Traffic
12/28/2014 Explanation of A Potential Technique to Deanonymise Users of the TOR Network
12/28/2014 GCHQ Briefing on the BULLRUN Program
12/28/2014 POISENNUT Virtual Private Network Attack Orchestrator (VAO)
12/28/2014 Description on the Processing of VPN Data Packets Within the TURMOIL Program
12/28/2014 GCHQ Presentation on the BULLRUN Programs Decryption Capabilities
12/28/2014 Overview on Internet Anonymization Services on How They Work
12/28/2014 Description of VOIP Telephony Encryption Methods and Other Ways to Attack
12/28/2014 General Description How NSA Handles Encrypted Traffic
12/28/2014 Analysis From SSL-TLS Connections Through GCHQ In the Flying Pig Database
12/28/2014 Overview of the Capabilities of the VALIANTSURF Program
12/28/2014 National Information Assurance Research Laboratory (NIARL) TUNDRA
12/28/2014 Guide For Analysts on How to Use the PRISM Skype Collection
12/28/2014 Analytic Challenges From Active-Passive Integration When NSA Attacks IPSEC VPNs
12/28/2014 NSA Presentation on the Development of Attacks on VPN
12/28/2014 Intercept With OTR Encrypted Chat
12/28/2014 Analytics on Security of TOR Hidden Services
12/28/2014 NSA Presentation on the Analysis and Contextualisation of Data From VPN
1/17/2015 Overview on the NSA Use of Bots and the DEFIANTWARRIOR Program
1/17/2015 Excerpt From the Secret NSA Budget on Computer Network Operations - Code Word GENIE
1/17/2015 Projects of the TAO-ATO Department Such As the Remote Destruction of Network Cards
1/17/2015 BYZANTINE HADES - NSA Research on Targets of Chinese Network Exploitation Tools
1/17/2015 Overview of the TRANSGRESSION Program to Analyze and Exploit Foreign CNA-CNE Exploits
1/17/2015 APEX Method of Combining Passive With Active Methods to Exfiltrate Data From Networks Attacked
1/17/2015 Overview of Methods For NSA Integrated Cyber Operations
1/17/2015 4th Party Collection - Taking Advantage of Non-partner Exploitation
1/17/2015 Supply-chain Interdiction - Stealthy Techniques Can Crack Some of SIGINT's Hardest Targets
1/17/2015 QUANTUMTHEORY Man-on-the-side Interference Attacks on TCP-IP (STRAIGHTBIZARRE and DAREDEVIL)
1/17/2015 Technical Description of the FASHIONCLEFT Protocol
1/17/2015 NSA Training Course Material on Computer Network Operations