Datesort ascending Document Media Outlet
11/19/2013 Verification Slide US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 6 Tech Personnel v.25 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Summary of Requirements for Collection of Bulk Metadata US Government
11/19/2013 United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18 Jan 25 2011 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Metadata Collection Training Slides US Government
11/19/2013 United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18 Appendix J US Government
11/19/2013 Interim Competency Test for Access to FISA Data US Government
11/19/2013 Office of General Council Business Record Analyst Training Slides US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Cryptological School Course Slides on Legal, Compliance, and Minimization Procedures US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Guidance Memo on Legal Standards for Searching Bulk Metadata US Government
11/19/2013 AG Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations US Government
11/17/2013 DSD 3G Guardian
11/17/2013 Royal Concierge Guardian
11/4/2013 Special Source Operations (SSO) Collection Optimization "Midpoint" Slides - Google and Yahoo! exploitations Washington Post
11/4/2013 Special Source Operations (SSO) Intercept Program Slides -- cable programs, details of MUSCULAR Washington Post
11/4/2013 WINDSTOP Collection 30 day period December 2012 - January 2013 Washington Post
11/4/2013 Boundless Informant El Mundo
11/4/2013 Info Sharing Partners El Mundo
11/3/2013 Collection Accesses 30 Nov 2009 NY Times
11/3/2013 NSA SIGINT Mission Strategic Plan 2008-2013 NY Times
11/3/2013 NSA SIGINT January 2007 Strategic Mission List NY Times
11/1/2013 Corporate FAA Reporting Metrics Guardian
10/30/2013 MUSCULAR slide "Current Efforts on Google" Washington Post
10/30/2013 Slides on MUSCULAR program possibly from February 28, 2013 Washington Post
10/28/2013 Graphic showing phone calls intercepted in Spain December 2012 El Mundo
10/27/2013 NSA SCS Slides on embassy spying (slides 3-6) Der Spiegel
10/25/2013 Close Access Sigads September 10, 2010 (listing French Embassy) Le Monde
10/25/2013 Cable regarding cyber attacks on French Presidential Network April 12, 2013 Le Monde
10/24/2013 NSA memo to Signals Intelligence Division (SID) staff October 27, 2006 regarding monitoring of phones of world leaders Guardian
10/22/2013 Prism April 2013 Le Monde
10/21/2013 NSA PRISM slide undated - alcatel / wanadoo Le Monde
10/21/2013 Boundless Informant France Le Monde
10/20/2013 NSA Cable dated November 10, 2010 discussing hacking of Mexican President's email Der Spiegel
10/14/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) Slides on Content Optimization - Address Books (SCISSORS) Washington Post
10/14/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) slides on Content Acquisition Optimization Washington Post
10/14/2013 Intellipedia entry - Special Source Organization (SSO) Collection Optimization Overview Washington Post
10/6/2013 Presentation on Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy O Globo Fantastico
10/4/2013 Types of IAT (how Tor works) Guardian
10/4/2013 NSA Notes from talk on Tor by Roger Dingledine November 2007 Washington Post
10/4/2013 NSA Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services Report on TOR 2006 Washington Post
10/4/2013 Tor Stinks Presentation June 2012 Guardian
10/4/2013 GCHQ Mullenize Washington Post
10/4/2013 Peeling Back the Layers of Tor with Egotistical Giraffe January 8, 2007 Guardian
9/28/2013 NSA memo from January 3, 2011 on contact chaining NY Times
9/28/2013 Slide on contact chaining (SYANPSE) NY Times
9/20/2013 GCHQ Slides on Belgacom Der Spiegel
9/16/2013 NSA Network Analysis Center 2010 SIGDEV Conference on credit card authorization network mapping Der Spiegel
9/11/2013 Israel Sharing Guardian
9/9/2013 NSA slides on smartphones Der Spiegel
9/8/2013 NSA slides on Petrobras and private networks O Globo Fantastico