Power Up Your Donation Week is here! Right now, your contribution to the Electronic Frontier Foundation will have double the impact on digital privacy, security, and free speech rights for everyone.

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A group of passionate EFF supporters created the Power Up Matching Fund and issued this challenge to all supporters of internet freedom: donate to EFF by December 6th and they’ll automatically match it up to a total of $272,000!

This means every dollar you give becomes two dollars for EFF. And we make every cent count. American nonprofit organizations rely heavily on fundraising that happens each November and December. During this season, the strength of members' support gives EFF the confidence to set its agenda for the following year. Your support powers EFF's initiatives to advance digital rights every day.

A Beacon in the Haze

Tech users face problems that shift as quickly as their digital tools. Sometimes the threat is a company’s sneaky methods to track your movements online. Other times it’s shortsighted lawmakers who overlook a dark future for your rights. Our digital world can be just as stormy as the one outside.

But thanks to public support, EFF is a leading voice for digital creators and users’ rights. You can ensure that EFF’s team of public interest lawyers, tech developers, and activists remains a beacon for a brighter web. Your donation will give twice the support for EFF initiatives that include:

Double Your Impact

Power Up Your Donation Week motivates thousands of people to support online rights every year. And we need your help to share this opportunity. Invite friends to join the cause! Here’s some sample language that you can share:

Donations to EFF get doubled this week thanks to a matching fund. Join me in supporting digital rights, and your contribution will pack double the punch, too! https://eff.org/power-up
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I’m grateful to all of the supporters who made EFF one of the most skilled defenders in the internet freedom movement. And now, you can help continue this critical work AND power up your donation.

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