Over nearly three decades, DEF CON grew and evolved into the world's largest hacker conference for computer security professionals, tinkerers, hobbyists, and more. The EFF staff will return to support the community at the Las Vegas summer security conferences—BSides LV, Black Hat USA, and DEF CON—for the first time since 2019, making the DC30 theme of "Hacker Homecoming" all the more appropriate. We may still be trying to escape the shadow of the pandemic, but the EFF staff will be available in person: masked, vaxxed, and ready to defend digital freedom for all.

Below is a listing of all of EFF's official appearances during DEF CON 30.  If you attend the conference, be sure to stop by the EFF booth in the Vendor hall and catch up with us directly! Learn more about the latest in online rights, get on our action alert list, and take advantage of on-site-only EFF membership specials. This year EFF will present limited-edition member t-shirt design for DC30, created in collaboration with artist Eddie the Y3t1 Mize and our multi-year t-shirt puzzle champions: @aaronsteimle, @0xCryptoK, @detective_6, and jabberw0nky of the Muppet Liberation Front.


"The Man" in the Middle (Virtual Presentation)
Friday, August 12 at 12:00 PDT at the Blacks In Cybersecurity Village
EFF Director of Engineering for Certbot Alexis Hancock

PSA: Doorbell Cameras have Mics, Too
Friday, August 12 at 12:00 in the Crypto & Privacy Village
EFF Policy Analyst Matthew Guariglia

Reproductive Justice in the Age of Surveillance
Friday, August 12 at 15:30, Forum Room 133
Speakers: EFF Staff Technologist Daly Barnett, Kate Bertash, EFF Director of Federal Affairs India McKinney, and EFF Legal Director Corynne McSherry.

Brazil Redux: Short Circuiting Tech-Enabled Dystopia with The Right to Repair
Saturday, August 13 at 10:00, Track 1
Speakers: Joe Grand, EFF Legal Director Corynne McSherry, Paul Roberts, Louis Rossmann, Kyle Wiens

Literal Self-Pwning: Why Patients—and Their Advocates—Should Be Encouraged to Hack, Improve, and Mod Med Tech
Saturday, August 13 at 10:00, Track 1
Speakers: EFF Special Advisor Cory Doctorow, Christian "quaddi" Dameff MD, and Jeff “r3plicant” Tully MD

Drones and Civil Liberties
Sunday, August 14 12:00, Aerospace Village
Speaker: EFF Director of Consumer Privacy Engineering Andrés Arrieta

And don't miss Ask the EFF at BSides Las Vegas earlier in the week! The panel is on Tuesday, August 9 at 14:00 with speakers EFF Director of Consumer Privacy Engineering Andrés Arrieta, EFF Senior Staff Technologist Bill Budington, EFF Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Kurt OpsahlStanton Legal Fellow Mukund Rathi, and EFF Staff Attorney Hannah Zhao.


Meet the EFF
Saturday, August 13 at 20:00-22:00, Forum Room 410
Speakers: EFF Director of Consumer Privacy Engineering Andrés ArrietaEFF Staff Technologist Daly BarnettEFF Senior Staff Technologist Bill BudingtonEFF Policy Analyst Matthew GuarigliaEFF Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Kurt Opsahl, Stanton Legal Fellow Mukund Rathi, and EFF Staff Attorney Hannah Zhao.


EFF Tech Trivia
August 12 at 17:00-19:00, Main Contest Stage
Hosted by EFF Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Kurt Opsahl and EFF Senior Staff Technologist Cooper Quintin

Betting on Your Digital Rights: EFF Benefit Poker Tournament
Friday, August 12 at 12:00-1500 in Bally's Poker Room
Hosted by Tarah Wheeler with emcee Jen Easterly.

Looking for Help?

As in past years, EFF staff attorneys will be present to help support the community. If you have legal concerns regarding an upcoming talk or sensitive infosec research that you are conducting at any time, please email info@eff.org. Outline the basic issues and we will do our best to connect you with the resources you need.

Read more about EFF's work defending, offering legal counsel to, and publicly advocating for technologists on our Coders' Rights Project page.

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