Individuals from the furthest corners of cyberspace will gather in San Francisco this weekend to celebrate the life and incredible legacy of  Internet visionary, Grateful Dead lyricist, and EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow. If you are unable to attend in person, we encourage you to join us virtually to commemorate the ways Barlow changed the shape of the world online.

Share Your Remembrances

We are gathering John Perry Barlow memories, thoughts, and stories from the community throughout the weekend. Stories submitted on our Barlow Remembrance Page will be uploaded and shared with future generations on the Internet Archive. We hope you will consider offering your Barlow well-wishes and tales of adventure for the collection!

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Support Internet Freedom

John Perry Barlow helped form the Electronic Frontier Foundation after recognizing the incredible potential of the Internet to empower, but also repress. Twenty-seven years later, EFF continues to work at the bleeding edge of technology to protect the rights of the users in issues as diverse as net neutrality, artificial intelligence, opposing censorship, and fighting mass surveillance.

In celebration of Barlow's leadership, vision, and undeniable swagger, EFF Art Director Hugh D'Andrade created an interpretation of the man himself in retro rock poster style for our newest member t-shirt. It's a tribute to both Barlow's musical history and his independent spirit.

Barlow T-Shirt

On the back: 'Unlike previous frontiers, there is no end to this one.'

You can even get the t-shirt  or pre-order a hooded sweatshirt without becoming a member. We just ask that you share the spirits of openness, community, and empowerment that Barlow valued whenever you wear it!

Barlow Internet Ideas Symposium

On Saturday, EFF and the Freedom of the Press Foundation present the Barlow Symposium at the Internet Archive. A series of luminary speakers will reflect on Barlow's impact on digital civil liberties, a fair and open Internet, open culture, and the right to know. Together we'll discuss what his ideas meant for the early web, how they have influenced the Internet we enjoy today, and how we can continue the fight for freedom online. The speaker panel spans across digital freedom history including Ed Snowden, Mitch Kapor, Steven Levy, and many others.

Online registration is currently full, but we invite you to join the livestream on the Internet Archive's YouTube channel from 2 PM to 6PM Pacific.

Barlow's Philosophy

We invite you to learn more about his ideas at EFF's online library. Dig into his seminal essay A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, find out about the forces that generated EFF with Across the Electronic Frontier, and much more. In need of audiovisual stimulation? Check out the Internet Archive's Barlow collection, too.

Wherever you are, we hope you are celebrating the spirit that ignited EFF and left an indelible mark on this connected world.