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Podcast Episode - Who Inserted the Creepy?

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Several spying drones with eyeballs

Over-the-Horizon Drones Line Up But Privacy Is Not In Sight

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will soon rule on Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drones, which are capable of flying while its operator (pilot) is far away. While these types of drones might offer benefits to society—think of deliveries, infrastructure inspection, and precision agriculture—they also pose serious threats to...

TechCrunch Launches Lookup Tool to Help Android Users Know if Their Device Was Compromised by a Family of Stalkerware Apps

The scourge of stalkerware—malicious apps used by perpetrators of domestic violence to secretly spy on their victims—is not going unchallenged or unaddressed.Antivirus makers are increasingly adding stalkerware to the list of apps their products detect on devices; victim support groups help people figure out whether their devices are...

Cat Astronaut Soars Through Cyberspace, Leaving a Glowing Rainbow Trail

Trans Youths Need Data Sanctuary

A growing number of states have prohibited transgender youths from obtaining gender-affirming health care. So these youths and their families must travel out-of-state for necessary health care. The states they visit are health care sanctuaries.These states must also be data sanctuaries for transgender youths.Earlier this year, the governor of...

The Electronic Frontier Alliance logo in teal.

EF-Georgia: An Alphabet Soup of Privacy Legislation

Congress is working on a half-dozen privacy bills, most of them with confusing acronyms like ADPPA, CTOPPA, COPRA, HLDPA, My Body My Data, and The Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act. We'll look at how effectively the different bills do or don't protect our privacy, and why it's so...
The skyline of the city of Austin, Texas.

Surveillance & Abortion Criminalization: Can Tech Keep Us Safe?

With the provision of abortion being completely criminalized in Texas, how can technology help keep people seeking abortion safe? Using examples drawn from people who have already been criminalized for having abortions, this talk will discuss how digital evidence is used in abortion criminalization cases, and how people can keep...

IGF Guatemala: Internet Blocking

Join Veridiana Alimonti, EFF’s Associate Director for Latin American Policy, in the online conversation about Internet blocking and the changes it has undergone since February 2022. The panel is part of the activities of Guatemala’s Internet Governance Forum, and will gather representatives from companies, government, and the technical community.Fred Clark...


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