• ACLU Requests Bush-era Memos
    In a test of President Obama's commitment to transparency, the ACLU requested sensitive Bush administration memos on torture and wiretapping that have long been sought by privacy and human rights advocates.
  • Patriot Act Used to Punish Fliers
    Conflicts with airline staff have led to fliers facing federal terrorism charges.
  • Cox Ready to Throttle P2P
    The cable service will give preference to time-sensitive traffic during periods of congestion.
  • Blair Backs Telecom Immunity
    President Obama's choice for Director of National Intelligence says he thinks telecoms that cooperated in the Bush administration's illegal spying program should be given civil liability.
  • Apple Wins Patent on "Pinch"
    The US Patent Office awarded Apple a patent on its "multitouch" technology -- setting the stage for Apple to challenge Palm' s Pre smart phone.
  • Obama Wants to Know: Why Open Source?
    President Obama has asked Sun Chairman Scott McNealy to write a paper on the benefits of open source software.
  • Sick Teen Settles With Music Industry
    A 19 year old woman with serious health problems has settled a suit for alleged illegal downloads.
  • Ninth Circuit Lets Text Message Privacy Case Stand
    In an en banc review of an earlier ruling, the court held that a search of a police employees text messages violated his privacy rights.